Let’s use the Internet effectively

The Internet is now readily available. Once you have used your mobile sim card, you will have an internet connection. If you go to an internet cafe like you used to, you will understand how difficult it was to access the internet in the past. I want you to make good use of the Internet when it is so readily available.

How to use it effectively?
(1) Use the Internet. Don’t just use Facebook.
Sometimes I ask people who come to my training. Do you use the internet? Some people say, “I have never used the internet … I have only used Facebook.”
In fact, Facebook is a social media platform. It is not something that has emerged to replace the Internet. In addition, to use this Facebook is based on Internet technology.

That begs the question of whether or not Facebook should be shut down. I want you to use Facebook. But I want them to use the internet in addition to Facebook and other social media.
There are things to read on Facebook. There are also things to learn. However, for those who have not yet learned on Facebook, you can search the internet for things you can’t do on Facebook. For example, there are many photo editing websites on the internet when you can not edit a photo on Facebook. (This is an example). Similarly, some content can be easily found on Google when you can not find it on Facebook. There are many websites online that can teach you a diploma or master’s degree.
So don’t spend time on Facebook alone. Try the Internet too.

(2) Explore the Internet.
Frequently Asked Questions on This Page What is IELTS? What is TOEFL?
I only answer one question to those who come. Please search at www.google.com Not that I do not want to answer. It is not a payment. I want to make it a habit to search on google.
Can’t find it on Facebook? But Google still outperforms Facebook in terms of search.

(3) You should have an email address.
You have asked me. Is Gmail and email the same?
In the old days, you had to skip the internet to create an email address. Nowadays, it is very easy to create an email account. The easiest way to use it in Gmail. (Gmail is one of the emails) By creating a Gmail account, you can send emails and use other Google services.

(4) If possible, use a computer.
Mobile phones are gradually becoming more sophisticated. Computers can do a lot of things. But not all. Some software can not run. Some files could not be opened. For that, I want you to use a computer and access the internet. Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel do not work well on phones. No office has ever asked you to do spreadsheets on your phone. You will be asked to do it on your computer.

Computers are arguably expensive. Mobile phones are also expensive. You can buy a decent computer for around 400,000 kyats. You can buy a good 2nd hand for around 200,000 and a Japanese one for around 100,000. Well, these are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.
Another problem is that mobile phone operations in Myanmar are offering cheaper social packages and more internet websites. However, there are some things that can be found on internet websites. Resources will benefit you. Are you writing this post using Facebook and not ashamed to say no to Facebook? I’m not saying don’t use Facebook. Use Facebook too. I mean, use other Internet resources as well.