Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Cloud-based operation ‌ Software; Use apps and services for business

Produced by Microsoft and Google. In fact, Microsoft has been working on office software for a long time. Google has entered the field on a cloud-based basis. Finally, there are two options: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. In comparison, you need to know which ones are better and which ones are better.

Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

integrate calendar services that can be shared with business email in the user’s domain.
Online storage; Shared storage space makes it easy to work together. There is a large amount of storage space for each account.

To do paperwork; To make charts; Contains apps for making presentations.

Includes corporate communications tools. Posting Holding an online meeting; Services such as video conferencing.

Security is emphasized.

Internet access is available from all over the world. Services are reliable. There is no file corruption. It is difficult for a virus to bite. The infrastructure is solid. Data centers are spread all over the world.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are similar, but have different directions and directions. Cloud architecture Google Workspace is different. App design is also different.

Microsoft 365 is derived from Office, the best-selling and best-selling product in the world. Formerly renamed Office 365, it was later renamed Microsoft 365. Launched in conjunction with desktop apps. You can start using it with just one click and it will update automatically. Back-up services are provided. Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. It makes it easy to move on the cloud. In other words, I dragged Microsoft Office from the desk to the cloud. Let’s go from the table to the cloud. I moved from my hometown to the cloud. Once in the cloud, users who are already familiar with Outlook, Word, Excel, You can continue to use PowerPoint as before. Storage on the machine There is a difference between storing on a business server and storing on a cloud. Web-based access is another option that allows you to get in and out of the office. It can no longer be stored on your laptop. It is convenient for work-from-home work as it allows you to access the internet wherever you go.

Google started with web-based usage from the very beginning. The browser is centered. Born of clouds. If you want to move it on the table, you can use it offline. Google’s Chrome browser helps save files for offline use.
Google users already have Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides. Just like Gmail makes it possible to browse offline, it also makes other apps available offline as well.

In the long run, Google Workspace could take advantage of Microsoft 365.
Google has its own set of personal records and archives. It’s too tight. Based on this information, you will be able to access Gishi. If you enter the person’s name in one column and his Gmail in another column, Gishi will realize that the next row of names will include Gmail name and phone number.

If you have already sent a message with that Gmail address after typing the full name in the next row while typing in the last name, it will not be difficult for you to automatically fill in the next two columns, the Gmail phone number column. It is not difficult to display suggestions by drop-down.

Now change is going there. Like Microsoft 365, it has autofill and smart fill.