Open and edit PDF files in advanced format with Google Docs

To open a PDF in Google Docs in advanced format, you must first save the PDF you want to open in Google Drive.

Once saved, double-click on the PDF file to open it with a view.

Select “Open with Google Docs” and it will be displayed in Google Docs in an advanced format.

If so, it may not be up to date. Google Docs has been upgraded to open in this advanced format since the end of November 2020.

What has improved?

Upload the image in PDF to Docs. Letters and pictures are arranged according to the theme. Fonts and styles are also shown in the PDF. The underlined lines are underlined. Displays the background color.

If you have columns in the text layout, they will be displayed as they are. The paper size will be the same as specified. Tables will have frames.

For better quality, it is recommended that you use common fonts in PDF, such as Arial, Times New Roman. For the Myanmar language, the Union should be used. Supported languages include the Myanmar language.

Link to learn how to edit PDF

Convert PDF and photo files to text

Now you can edit what you want. Then go to FIle> Print> Save as PDF

It can be converted to PDF in a series of steps.