Razor’s gaming-style N95 mask

Before 2020, CES gadgets and gizmos conducted technical research on people relaxing in their living room.

In the late 2020s, due to declining public interest in curved TVs and surround-sound systems, technical research was conducted on people who were out and about during the epidemic. That’s why Razer Project Hazel plans to produce advanced face-masks from the beginning of the global Covid 19 epidemic. The N95 mask concept was unveiled as part of Razer’s CES line of gamer-centric products.

Would you believe it if you had 16.8 million colors on your face?

Of course, why not?

It should come as no surprise that Razer’s such promotional message. This is because Razor’s 2020 production line included one of the surgical-grade faces. From there, Razor added new ideas that wanted people to see things like fancypants and LED-smothered gamer mice on people’s faces. The lighting grids, which can support 16.8 million colors, are compact and expandable. The stadium will also have two vents. A gamer allows you to change the color of the mouse to match the mice and keyboards he uses.

The Mats has an active ventilation system for UV ventilation. Silicon guards protect the cheeks and nose. Because of the transparent plastic face, you can clearly see the movement of your lips as you speak. It is also supported by a voice-modulation system. These lips are not visible on masks made of cloth. Razor mats will keep you refreshed while facing your face with face lights.

But there are other things that Razor does not mention. Live demos do not show how masks work. Release date, price, It did not say how long the battery would last on a single charge. There are also weaknesses. It does not address battery overheating, making it difficult to mount the mat for long periods of time. The concept of the Razor prototype is not easy to imagine, so it is worth keeping an eye on the mats that Razor will release at retail.