Home Builders and Traditions

It was a recent day. A friend who had not seen me in a long time came with a fever. “This is what happened when I came.” My job and business have been ruined for about a year and a half. Even now, marriages do not end.  Debts cannot be paid. In the meantime, my daughter was hospitalized after a car accident and had to wear a steel leg brace. I never imagined this would happen. “Let me see what happens now.”

When you look at your sign and your zodiac sign, you tell us about the good and bad that the stars show. Then a friend of mine built a new house about a year and a half ago and told us that he has been experiencing a series of inconveniences since moving into that house. They began to say that they were different in different ways, because they were giving time to different disciplines in different ways. Then we have to explain the construction time as follows.

If you come to ask for time to build a house, you can ask the farmer’s date of birth, date, month, year, You have to ask for the time of birth and the place of birth first. Because to create a great triad. If so, is the builder lucky enough to build a house when he asks for it? Unwanted economic, marital, Will there be health issues? We have to check the original destiny first. This is very important. If this is the case then maybe your account need activating. According to his origin, he was never married. Only after this inspection can you accept the offer to build a house.

The purity of the year, the purity of the moon, the purity of the moon, the purity of the moon, the purity of the moon, The purity of the day is chosen as best as possible. Carpenter’s land, Titi land, good or bad. You also have to choose between rough and tumble days. If you get a day, you have to choose a time. Choosing this time is quite handy. In choosing the time, we have to rely on the log on the source. What does the future hold for this house? What will happen if it happens? We have to start thinking about what will happen if it happens in Dwe Sahalag. What is the meaning of the season? San’s condition We have to re-evaluate the pros and cons of Sunday. It is possible to get details from which planets are present in Ahazata.

No planet can be released. Because we have to think about all the planets, we have to take time to review them with the Bible. When this test is performed, it is very rare and full of minor defects. You also need to think about how to get rid of it. In this case, you have to fight back with the original beggar, and then you have to go through the next step with the false scripture. Yoga has to be selected again. The constellations are also important. Sometimes it is good, but in yoga it is like Kala Danda Yoga (mortal yoga). If you are getting Dhammas (yoga that can destroy wealth), then Zarta is a big problem. I was re-elected. Another thing is that the color of the clothes to be worn for the host, the jewelry to be worn, and the flowers to be worn must be arranged according to the Bible. This is an optional step.

Once you have chosen the right time, the next step is to plan your wedding. . . This is very important and should be done by a knowledgeable teacher. Rope-pulling is very important. When pulling the rope, you have to start pulling it depending on the position of the dragon’s head. Then the people who hold the ropes must be the landlords of the landlord. It is as if the root of the day had to strike a pillar, and the people of today had to carry the garments according to their calculations. It can not be missed. After that, we have to wait for the blessing. The time given here is not the time to pull the rope, but the time to dig the pole. There should be no bad omens while waiting for the wedding, just follow the rules of the wedding. After waiting for this time, when the time came for the blessing, he said, “Dragon neck, trample on the tail, ride on the tail, Rat diarrhea The three of them had to dig out the turpentine and the pillar at the same time, facing the place of the opening of the universe, with their respective flowers. At the same time, the pillar must fall.

When this marriage ceremony is successful, the Mingalar Aung Gadar is recited in the place of the U Ru pillar that was dug. I was entertained by the fans who poured gold and silver. At these stages, I would like to talk about U Ru Daing. For example, let’s say the face of the farm is east. If the Naga head turns when given a turn, U Ru Daing will not be able to move forward. The head and abdomen can be placed in the hole dug above, but the tail can not be placed. So, if you have a mad pole in front of your house, you have to wait for the Naga turn and take the time. If you can’t wait like this, you have to make room for it. The house is blessed only if it is organized in such a systematic way and the wedding ceremony is performed with the right U Ryu pillar. . . I explained to my friend.

The friend said, “Then there is trouble. . . When I knocked on the door of the house, I was stunned. . . He also dug his head and scratched his head, ”he said, scratching his head. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it. The friend then understood the mystery and benefits of the wedding and asked how to renovate his house.

Whether it’s a mistake or not. Whether the pillar is wrong or not. If something goes wrong and the house is damaged, the head of the household, who lives in that house, will start to hurt the children. People living in the affected houses are losing their business. It can be quarrelsome. Your health will improve. It is known that they are often harassed by evil spirits. When that happens, it may be harder to repair the situation than it was in the beginning. Sometimes I have to run to the teachers and listen to them. I have to say that I have to tell you that giving time is a very deep subject and I have to follow the teachings of the teachers whenever the light comes on.

My friend asked me how to renovate his house, and he promised to work out the best way to fix it. A house that has been systematically calculated and meticulously engineered in building a house can bring longevity and longevity. Business promotion; Increase in prestige; Happy family; He was very happy to tell her that the blessings of good fortune, such as safety from evil, would be a blessing to the inhabitants.