Why does the hard disk crash

This is something you should know. If the computer can no longer access the information stored on the hard disk, the hard disk is damaged. What are the reasons for this failure? If you know that, you can be careful.Here are some things that can damage your hard disk:

(1) Firmware partial and completely broken

(2) Electronic failure

(3) Mechanical failure

And (4) Logical failure.

Logical Failure is also included to focus on data loss. There is a hard disk that is unusable. It also provides an overview of data loss due to the Bac sector. What is Hard Disk Firmware? This is where the information you need to connect to your computer’s hard disk is stored properly. So, if the hard disk firmware is partial or not. If all else fails, the computer may not be able to connect properly to the hard disk.

Why does the hard disk firmware crash?

Hard disks are now using fluid-bearing technology for the spindle. The use of fluid-bearing technology is one of the main causes of firmware damage. Let me give you an overview of Fluid Bearing. Many hard disk manufacturers today use fluid bearings as spindles that are better than ball bearings used in the past.

They are:

(1) It can provide better Shock Resistance than Ball Bearing.

(2) It is not loud. Low noise

However, when the hard drive was started on the fluid bearing, its motor parts were cold. The fluid inside the bearing still takes time to get the hard drive it needs to get the best performance. This is called warm-up time. During this warm-up, the platters on the hard drive vibrate vertically. These vibrations can cause read / to write errors. This is one of the reasons why hard drives fail. This does not mean that it is always happening. However, vertical vibrations can damage the hard drive’s firmware and service area. The area with the highest vertical vibration is the outermost area of ​​the disk. This area is also where the Hard Disk Service Track is located. Service Track is a system that starts up when the hard disk stops, so over time, the firmware in the Service Track is lost.

What else could happen?

(1) If the Service Track cannot be read, the Read / Write Head will be reading along its axis. Then it will go to Parking without reading.
(2) A part of the read/write head is bent.

(3) If it bends like this, the next time the head will rub against the surface.

So how can this be prevented?

This is one of the common denominators. It tells you what happens over time. What is the Electronic Component of a Hard Disk? Below the hard disk is a small circuit board. The circuit board is damaged due to an electronic failure of the hard disk. The reason is clear. Because of Power. When voltage is not stable. In the event of a voltage surge, whatever happens, is electrical. This usually results in physical damage to the circuit board. I’ve seen a lot of hard disks like this before. The good news is that the circuit board can be removed and replaced. Data does not end there. But even if you make a mistake you may lose data. About mechanical breakdown and breakdown.

Mechanical failure is worse than electrical failure. Because the hard disk is damaged, you will have to buy another hard disk. What can I do to get my data back? Mechanical damage is easier to recover data than electronic damage to a hard disk. And as soon as you know that the mechanical part is broken. If you do not know, the longer the data is lost. Mechanical damage to hard disks can occur in a variety of ways. For example, the motor may be damaged. Read / Write heads may be damaged. The most common cause is a head crash. Head Crash can be caused by a small bump on the surface of the hard disk. All the time