Common languages ​​on Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, was published 20 years ago. It hit the internet on January 15. Since then, the site has become the world’s most trusted source, despite the reliance on volunteers for article research and editing. The busy staff behind Wikipedia currently publishes more than 55.6 million articles in more than 300 languages.

Some volunteer editors are especially busy with their submissions on Wikipedia. In the Philippines, 5.5 million articles written in the Sibuano language are currently administered by six administrators and 176 regular users. By comparison, the world’s most widely used English language has 1,113 administrators and 126,000 regular users, with only 6.2 million articles.

Cibano Wikipedia admits that it came in with some help to get into the top 10 languages. According to a statement from the website’s vice president, most of the Sibano articles are the work of a translation bot, and such techniques are not uncommon for Wikipedia. A 2017 proposal to ban Civano Wikipedia due to translated content was submitted, but was rejected by administrators because it did not violate any Wikipedia policy.

According to Quora-based author Josh Lim, bot-Filipino created Wikipedia in Filipino at a time when administrators were trying to outdo each other by publishing more articles than any other local language. While Tagalog was ranked 92nd, Waray-Waray became the 11th most used language on Wikipedia, despite having only three administrators.

Cast articles ( article dumping ) bot-based practice is called weak and articles because it is not handsome elegant international issues than domestic content priorities of the Company.

For someone with English proficiency, Wikipedia’s translation service is similar to translating with a browser extension or translation service from another website without being a barrier to gaining knowledge.