AirPods Max Noise Canceling Headphones

Apple has launched the AirPods max, a headset that eliminates external noise.

The headset costs $ 549 and pre-orders are now being accepted.

Delivery will start on December 15, 2020.

What does Apple’s new headset do?

Available in five colors. Smoke Silver Blue sky Green and light pink.

When worn on the head, the arch is designed so that it does not press too hard on the ears and is balanced with each other. It has a stainless steel frame inside to keep it strong. It is also flexible so it fits in all sizes. It also has a curved shape that makes it comfortable to look at.

If you want the music to pause, remove the earphones and the music will pause.

The headphone screen filters to prevent outside noise from entering the music.

It is a wireless headset that allows you to listen for up to 20 hours on a fully charged battery.

The bag is also ready to store when not in use.