Why is E-sport having so few opportunities in Myanmar

What I want to talk about today is not just about the four games in the picture below, but also about other E-sport games. So it means electronic sports, not physical strength like mental sports
It is a sport that can be played with. So why are there so few opportunities in Esport in Myanmar? Well, the main reason is conservativism.
2.CS: GO
4.Mobile Legend ……

At a time when E-sport games are taking over the country, our motherland, Myanmar, is lagging.
So, it’s started by our parents and guardians who have little vision in the field of technology. A child who fills up the phone and says, “Mom, give us 1,000 loaves of bread and play sports games can one day become a professional player in those games.

” We want to make a living out of gaming. Many people in Myanmar want to be successful world-class streamers like shroud and choco, aspiring to be successful professional gamers, and aspiring to cast world-famous esports events. But in our motherland Burma, which has a lot of conservatism, we will have to wait for some time for that to happen.