How to choose the right charger for your phone

Currently the most popular is the 20 W charger. Let me tell you how you can make the right choice without having to argue about whether or not you should use 20 watts on your phone. You need to have a rough understanding of Watt, Ampere, and Volt to see how many watts your phone battery has and how many Watt Chargers you would use. Watt is Power. The amount of power is the same as the number of watts. Another type can be considered as a complete wattage.

In addition to the word watt, it is important to note that volts can be defined as an electric power. Ampere is essential when Watt and Volt are included. Ampere is the rate at which electricity flows. Let me explain with a small example. Although it is not easy to illustrate the concept of Volt with its components, I will give you a simple example. Suppose we dig up a stump, no matter how much effort we put into the stump. You can’t dig in an hour for one person to use that force. If two people are digging for an hour, you can dig that big stump. In that case, two people ampere and the power to dig up a stump is wattage. If water flows from the hose and fills one side of the tank, the circumference of the hose is known as Ampere and the water is defined as Volts. Ampere is defined as the rate at which electricity flows. Compared to the circumference of the hose, it is not one of a kind, but the width of the hose is wider. It also gives the other side the ability to get the job done in a short amount of time.

I hope you understand these examples. The examples are not 100% accurate, but they are very close. When it comes to battery life, it’s amazing. Battery life is determined by the position of the electron in the positive and negative poles. When the electrons move from the positive pole of the battery to the negative pole, the battery is charged and the electron is transferred from the negative pole to the positive pole. When buying a new phone, most companies charge a battery percentage of 50 percent pre-charged to balance the positive pole with the negative pole.

High amperes here will speed up the flow of electrons in the battery. There, as the electrons rapidly switch between the two poles, heat is generated. Fast Charging can increase the heat like this, and using heavy weight quickly can increase the heat. You will remember an equation you learned as a child. Watt = Volt x Ampere. As the wattage of the surrounding wattage becomes wider, you need to know the ampere and voltage of the phone battery to know the wattage.