Call Forwarding is very useful for people who have two phones

When you leave a phone at home or when the phone is not working. Incoming calls are transferred to another phone when the phone is turned off. Android phones have four forwarding modes: Always forward, when busy, when unanswered, and when unreachable.

If you enter a phone number in Always forward, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the other phone without incoming calls. When busy, it will transfer the phone to the other side when the phone is not working. When unanswered, I will transfer the next one before I go when I do not pick up the phone. You do not miss the call.

when unreachable When the phone is off, it is transferred to another phone. There is no charge for entry and exit, but you do not miss important business calls. For MPT, you can forward only one MPT, and the other three operators can have different operators.

The iPhone has an Always forward feature. But like Android phones, when the iPhone is idle, When you do not pick up the phone If you want to forward when the phone is off, you can insert the SIM card in your iPhone into an Android phone. When you’re done, put it back on your iPhone and you can continue to use it. Call Forwarding is available for Android phones in Call Settings (Settings in the Dial app)> Call Forwarding. For iPhone, go to Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding.