Useful images of raw yam that you do not know yet

Ordinary ammunition used in guns and cannons and ammunition used in fireworks has the potential to explode only because of the ammunition contained in them. For chemists, the common raw material is potassium nitrate, which is labeled NO3 as the chemical symbol. By looking at the symbol, you can tell which element it contains. Jasmine is a colorless crystal with six surfaces. The taste is cold and salty.

It is soluble in water but not soluble in alcohol. Raw yam can be used not only in yam and fireworks but also in fertilizer and nitric acid refining. In addition, yam can be used to make meat more durable, as it can prevent rot. Some dyes also contain raw yam. It is also used in matches. Raw yam is naturally available in many countries.

Especially in Kentucky, USA. Available from caves in Virginia and Indiana; Spain Also available in Egypt and India. Ordinary raw yam is usually made from raw materials sourced from Chile, South America. In that country, raw materials are piled high. In some places the floors are up to 10 feet thick, 450 miles long and 5 to 40 miles wide.

It is chemically referred to as sodium nitrate and is chemically abbreviated as Nanda U 3. It is not used for refining because it absorbs water vapor from the atmosphere. However, due to the absorption of water vapor from the atmosphere, the raw material is better used as a fertilizer.