What is the difference between JPEG file and PNG file

Of the various photo formats, JPG and PNG are the two most commonly used picture formats.

This week I would like to share the differences between JPEG and PNG.


Full name – Joint Photographic Experts Group

This is one of the most common formats used in digital cameras.

Therefore, it is a good format to use when it comes to photography.

JPEG uses a lossy compression method. (Image size can be reduced as much as you want, but the quality can also be reduced.)

JPEG is the default format of Microsoft Paint.

There is no transparency in JPEG, so you cannot get an image with a transparent background.

The downside is that every time you edit an image and save it, the image quality drops.


Full name – Portable Network Graphics

With a transparent background, this is the best file format for saving logos.

There are up to 16 million colors, so I want the right color. PNG is the best format for perfect tone balance.

It is more convenient to use PNG format for large file sizes.

PNG uses a lossless compression method (you encode all the information exactly as the original file and even decompress it to get the same original image).

Therefore, it is a format that should be used for created images, not photographs.