Do not sell your time

Once upon a time, there was a person who unlocked/repaired it because people went out
When the key is left in the house and it cannot be unlocked, it is unlocked. If the key is broken, it will be repaired. When he started, he took 50,000 kyats for unlocking. It takes 90 minutes to unlock a key. It takes about 100 minutes to unlock it, and it costs 50,000 kyats.

It’s 10 minutes. If you open it once, it will be 50,000. But the problem is that when customers open for 90 minutes, they don’t have to pay 50,000. And so on. Then he said. I do not charge with time.

It is said that the skill is charged. So it’s true that we sell our time and get started. But you do not always want to be big. In the future, build your value based on your skills and experience rather than your time. The main thing is to get the sense that you can make a lot of money by spending a lot of time and a little bit of money.

Some jobs require as little as $ 500 an hour. Some jobs require 10,000 per hour. Some jobs can take hundreds of thousands of minutes. If you spend valuable time doing worthwhile things, your life will be worth living. So you need to manage your time wisely.